Take Charge. Take total control of your life...

But how does one go about achieving this mindset?

The Answer lies in oneís Attitude, and the ability to elevate ones Attitudinal Intelligence!


Who is the target audience for this book?

This book is relevant to all irrespective of their social and economic stature. The pathways to a disorder-free and stress-free life have been given the core importance as it is of vital significance to one and all. Along the path.it creates awareness about some of the common wrong beliefs the world over, which has hampered a healthy and fruitful life.

MIND - Result oriented theoretical part - Philosophy

Attitudinal Intelligence workshop

  • Does life seem to go in circles instead of moving forward
  • Ever wondered why that carefully laid and executed plan went wary?
  • Why your most valued executive suddenly isnít as productive anymore
MIND - Result oriented practical part - Psychology


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